Fixtures 2017

Exciting news our 2017 fixtures have been released as below, more detailed information to follow over the coming months.


Day Date Type Time
Sunday 19/02/2017 Jump Afternoon
Wednesday 01/03/2017 Jump Afternoon
Sunday 19/03/2017 Jump Afternoon
Sunday 09/04/2017 Jump Afternoon
Sunday 16/04/2017 Jump Afternoon
Tuesday 09/05/2017 Jump Afternoon
Saturday 27/05/2017 Jump Evening
Thursday 01/06/2017 Jump Evening
Thursday 22/06/2017 Jump Evening
Monday 17/07/2017 Flat Afternoon
Tuesday 25/07/2017 Flat Afternoon
Thursday 03/08/2017 Flat Evening
Tuesday 15/08/2017 Flat Afternoon
Friday 25/08/2017 Flat Afternoon
Sunday 17/09/2017 Flat Afternoon
Saturday 21/10/2017 Jump Afternoon
Sunday 12/11/2017 Jump Afternoon
Friday 24/11/2017 Jump Afternoon
Monday 18/12/2017 Jump Afternoon

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